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Step 3 13 - 24 Months

LullaBaby Step 3 is a weekly themed class for older babies and toddlers who are ready to enjoy their new found independence and explore! At LullaBaby we understand that classes become a different experience when your little one is on the move and inquisitive. That’s why our Step 3 classes are carefully designed to be largely child led, whist still being linked to the EYFS (the curriculum for birth to 5 year olds). 


What does the class involve? 

Child Initiated Play – giving our children the opportunity to initiate play with age appropriate equipment is beneficial for all areas of their development. There’s little more rewarding than watching your toddler play with intrigue and confidence. 

Sign Language - to develop early language and speech skills Signing - based on the Makaton signing system to reduce frustration levels as little ones become more competent communicators. We sign each week to our original and unique “Hello Everyone” and “Wave Goodbye” songs.

Sensory Play – short and engaging activities designed to engage inquisitive minds and extend learning.

Music and Rhymes - To develop early language and speech skills.

Relaxation time – busy little bodies and minds benefit greatly from being given the opportunity to explore a calming environment where they can relax and unwind. Research shows us that children who learn how to relax and release tension are better at managing their emotions as they grow.

Each week the older babies and toddlers are invited to explore the age specific and themed play equipment. Here they will develop their knowledge and understanding of the world, hone their social skills as they move from solitary, to parallel, to co-operative play, and burn off lots of energy in the process.

As the child initiated play comes to a close, tidy up time is encouraged. This is a valuable skill for our little ones and it indicates to them that the adult led section of the class is about to start and toddlers often respond well to continuity and routine. During this section of the class the children will be entertained and engaged with a variety of activities linked to the weekly theme, thus giving them the opportunity to extend their child initiated learning from the previous section. 

Everything we do is supported by years of research, information and guidance. This allows you to support your little one’s development as they grow. 


What do our customers say?

"We have an 18 month old son and I found it difficult to find a class which keeps his attention yet really lets him explore and have independent play. The class leader is just great and very welcoming. The songs, music, baby sign and amazing themes at LullaBaby are just fantastic and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone with a toddler / little mischief maker!!"


"My little boy loves his Friday mornings at LullaBaby toddler class. Lots of different activities and things to explore and the class leader is fab. A lovely friendly toddler group; definitely recommend to anyone!"


We can’t wait to welcome you along!