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My name's Stacy and I live in Kidderminster. I'm Mum to 2 beautiful and independent (I have no idea where they get that from....!) girls - Millie & Harper - and 1 handsome & chilled baby boy, Seb. 


I was a primary school teacher for 6 years, teaching across all years from Reception - Year 6. After having my own children and then teaching in Early Years, I realised how much I am fascinated and enjoy working with such young minds. The amount children learn in those first years, right before your eyes, is just amazing! 


However, since having my babies, I found it hard to balance family & work life. So I decided to leave teaching in a school, work local so I can be there more for my children and put both my skills & passion into doing something else. As corny as it sounds, I wanted to show my children that if you're not happy, you can do something to change it. And for me, that something turned out to be Lullababy Kidderminster! 


So please come along & join me at LullaBaby Kidderminster. 

I can't wait to welcome you along!

Stacy xx



Chester Road Bowling Club

422 Chester Road North


DY10 1TE

Holmwood Care Centre

30 Chaddesley Road


DY10 3DJ


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