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Baby Franchise Opportunity


The LullaBaby Baby Class Franchise Opportunity

Hello, I'm Jo, Mum to Henry and founder of LullaBaby.

In 2012 my life changed forever, when I welcomed a 6lb 15oz little bundle into the world. From that moment on, I knew that something had to change if I was going to be the kind of Mum I wanted to be.

After graduating with a BA (Hon's) in Children's Care, Learning and Development in 2003, training as a teacher seemed like the natural progression, so that's what I did. I worked with children, right through to teaching Child Development at Degree level for nearly 10 years. However, when Henry came along, I knew that the profession wasn't going to fit with the work-life balance I wanted for my family.

Whilst on a wonderful 12 months of maternity leave, I attended many different baby classes (once a teacher!) and it was here that I had my "light bulb" moment! I could do this! I wanted to work, to contribute financially to our lifestyle, to be a role model to Henry, but not at the detriment of being the Mum I wanted to be. It was the perfect fit for me, a job where I still got to use the skills and knowledge I'd worked so hard to acquire (and learn lots of new ones!), running alongside being a Mum.

Fast forward to now and I've been successfully running baby classes since 2013. I get to take Henry to and pick him up from school every day. I'm the person who is there to give him a cuddle when he's had a bad day and share in his successes when he shines

I am delighted to now be able to offer the same opportunity to other Mums through the LullaBaby baby class franchise.

Who we are looking for?

People who are passionate about working with babies and toddlers and have an interest in their development.

Enthusiastic, motivated and driven individuals who are friendly, approachable and good communicators

If this sounds like you, then a LullaBaby franchise could be the perfect baby franchise for you!

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The Lullababy Conference 2023

Recently we hosted the first ever Lullababy Conference and oh what an amazing day it was. Bringing Franchisees all over the country together in one place was a dream come true.

Sharing Ideas, Creating memories and supporting one another is just some of the amazing things Lullababy can offer. Take a look at the highlights from the day.

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Our baby franchise opportunity offers family friendly working

All of our Franchisees have the ability to have their own freedom as you are your own boss. You get the choice of when your work and how many classes you run. This means running a LullaBaby franchise can offer you more time with your children and less money on childcare.

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What We Offer in Return:

Be your own boss

A fantastic opportunity to grow and develop your own LullaBaby, baby franchise business.

Maximise your earning potential

An affordable baby franchise, with a great sized and exclusive territory enabling you to maximise your earning potential.

Expert Knowledge

Well researched lesson plans written by owner, Jo, with over 20 years’ experience in the education sector. We have done all of research and design, so that you can focus on growing your LullaBaby Franchise.

We are here to help

Continuous support and training from LullaBaby HQ who are behind you all of the way and passionate about making your baby franchise a success.

Baby Franchise Software

Bespoke Software to Manage your Classes

We have our very own Bespoke Management Software for all of our Franchisees to help manage their LullaBaby franchise. This can be used on any device and allows you to keep track of your classes, customers, payments and so much more.

Full training provided.


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